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The "Ai Apaec" project, it takes tha name of an ancient god Moche. It was created with the purpose to diffuse around the world all the knowledge of our archeology wealth.

We get the compromise of giving you the latest archeology information to be diffused to the cultural and scientific community of the country an the foreing communities. In the same way this present archeology information can be used as a source of cultural research, nacional and international tourism.

It is neccesary that the eyes of the world knew this web and could know the archeology wealth of Peru through this virtual window. OBJETIVES

  • To provide information and knowledge of the arqueology rests and ethnic - history of the different cultures that here have developed.
  • To Constitute a data base of information, the same that would be regularly updated
  • To Diffuse the result of the archeology researchs in an illustrate and pedagogy ways, contributing to the strengthening of our national identity and to raise up the cultural level of our towns.
  • Look for the financing of the projects, researchs and expositions, such as the realization of scientifics events.
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