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Hornacinas of the Tantarica

At 70 km. to the Northeast of Contumaza belonging to Cajamarca, it is located the archeological remains of the populated center named "Tantarica" from de denominated area, "Altamisa" the one nearest populated place to this Inca population.

It has a south latitude of 7�16�30" and a longitude of 7�58'00" over the hill of the same name, at about 2,834 meters over the sea level.

It presents constructions in flagstones joined against the mortar of mud in which you can see passageways, narrow doors, besides of other structural elements, such us adornments of paralelepipedas cornizas.

It is possible that this populated town means: "Meeting for a little time" derived from the root of the quechua word "Tantaricuy".


Among other details the peculiarity of the manposteria and the passageways of an urgent intervention for their conservation and in thisway preserve the manposteria and the passageways.

Vegetation has been grew even in those double walls which formdark bleachers and other places where lintels of stone exist, furthermore it is appreciable to see the architectural work very good plannedby the old residents; it is believed that it was occupied in the Half Horizon, in the Intermedium and also in the Late one.


In the summit of this monumental establishment there is a stone of regular size, lightly inclined with evident traps of looting of those searchers of treasures or "huaqueros ".

Only a cleaning of the place and an archaeological study will allow us to know in a better way the consecrated stone and its relationship with the plazoleta that was used as adoratorium.

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