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We can set Peru as a Nation with many economical and social possibilities for the future. Its wealthy archeological and cultural history will help this purpose of development.

It is ridiculous that we have done nothing or just a little bit to preserve and conserve our ancient identity, which could dissappear and bring up terrible consecuences.

Peru has its main history over the Highlands and the Amazon Lands which got their future according to its milenary past.

When the man began to move around this lands he found out different ecological systems which turned it into an antrophomorphus nature, which helped this culture to work out over many activities and getting relative progress until becomming one of the most important cultures in America.

Through the peruvian Pre-History there is a very mixed scale of cultures which had developped and reached cultural and social success.

This sensible evolution had let them build up a culture like The Inkas Empire which took less than one hundred years to expand its lands almost all over South America, to have a well economical structure and a well organized society.

All of this success was the result of mixing up all the experiences and different cultures when conquering new lands for the Empire and through thousands of years.

Of all this civilizations there is still some of them spread out around our land, eyewithness of a wonderful past which we'll try to introduce you through this marvelous World Wide Web.

Arql. Daniel Seuart Castillo Benites
E-mail : [email protected]
Manager of the archeological project.

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