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Cajabamba Prehispanico

Incrusted in the mountain septreptional; Cajabamba is located to 124 Km. to the South of Cajamarca and 60 Km. to the North of Huamachuco, it is to 2,650 meters on the level of the sea. Among the parallel ones 7� 7 ' 30 and 7� 35 ' 10 of south latitude; among the meridians 77� 42 ' 35 and 78� 31 ' 20 longitude west, and an extension 2,025.15 km2. A population of 67,381 inhabitants.

Yana Horco

This county capital opens up step among the geographical diversity, presenting: pampas, forests, hills, punas, gulches and lagoons that opened the way to the formation of valleys interandinos; an interesting show of this earth that seduces and it loves the observer's view.

They are the diverse tonalities of the greenery that you/they get the attention; it shows affirmative of a fertile valley that for the historical itinerary he/she has come developing you under a blue sky, watchman, clean and clear.

The man from remote times harbored the rebelliousness viríl; continually he went facing to an uneven and rural nature, settling down in the high parts whose elevations today they show us the solidity, industry of a wide existence that didn't only have his origins in the bond of consanguinity, but also that of the common defense and that of a cult toward the legendary ancestors and divinities protectors.

The current county capital is to the foot of the skirts of the Mythical "Chochoconday", an old masculine sanctuary, silent witness of the diverse social processes. This mountain or guardian huaca of the earth fertile cajabambina, of which was existing a very perfect correlation between the character of the old towns and that of the nature, of the one which, the human groups extracted matters cousins for their biological sustenance. Archaeologist Tehodore Mc Cown reaffirmed the existence of platforms or terraces of an old town in the side of the mentioned hill.

The earth was also a very old deity from whose interior sprang and the abundance of the liquid element still sprouts; as the well-known eyes of " Lanla ", the same as diverse sources that irrigate the earth of the Cajabambinos.

Cucharas Cajamarca

Among their eternal rocks there is the summary of the diverse stages of the national life, from the remote prehispanic times until the present time, the place continues being center where beliefs and traditions are reaffirmed.

Through the time, the cultural sincretisimo is manifiestándose like personal answer to a world united by the fé intencidad and it is that expressed Cajabamba the current challenge of more investigations and of progress, in which its children make an effort to be projected to the futuro. 

Cajabamba of landscapes beautiful and suggestive legends, was historical center of multiple momentous events that have gone melting which hearth; its children have gone leaving excellent prints in the diverse areas. In their eternal rocks there is the summary of the diverse stages of the national life.

Daniel Castillo Benites
Notes of a travel by Cajabamba, February 1997

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