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Pictographies of Tokorko


It is located in the hill " Tokorko ", to 2 kilometers of the city of Cajabamba in the rocky crestería of the denominated hill The Window", he/she is an adornment in whose lateral side somegeometric variants exist as the square, rectangle and rhombus, which present a coloration of red scarlet; at the moment, it is very evident the deterioration.

Discovered in 1960 by a team of investigation of the night school 151, today (I Associate José Galvez") for that then the educational Juan Antonio Great Mendoza, very restless man; it described and it identified 19 signs among them a great red circumference with a concentric point to those that it attributed a language logogrífico or mysterious.

At the moment these they present a scarce clarity, being observed the evident print that you/they used to stand out the little thing that it is of these pictografías; whose lines oscillate between the 10 and 12 centimeters.

They don't know each other other evidences in the surroundings of this archaeological unit. Although hypothetically he/she has a lot of relationship to be located in the skirts of the hill of more height, and which is known as " Chochoconday".

Annually, the students of the Colegio José Gálvez", they go up June two, to hoist the national pavilion and the flag of that educational center, existing in their summit a small symbolic chapel.


Indubablemente the place should complete a momentous function as Apu to guide it represented the vigorous patriarchal element, I activate and fecundador ); this mountain protector or " huaca " were a sacred place in old world of the andes. 

Of there that the population's first movements have been guided in address of this old god of the heights, expressly in the rhythm and oscillations that the cosmic nature let identify in a harmonious and synchronized way. Reason for which the man had an exquisite interpretive feeling of the life.

In this mentioned place remains that the man has captured in constructions that frame it as an adoratorio exist. From here, you can sight the whole geographical panorama of the valley.

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